Through the use of cover photos, profile pictures, company particulars including opening hours, etc. this will add relevance to your company and the services you provide. By including easy access to the significant information through the effective use of links, you will actively enhance the user experience, further adding credibility to your brand and services..

In the words of the great man himself, Bill Gates, “Content is king.” Great content is essential to any SEO strategy – if you don’t mention the target keywords within your website then how do you expect to rank for them? Content needs to be ripe for conversion but more than this, it needs to be interesting, engaging and written for your audience. Integrate this with Social Media Marketing Support and things start to look really interesting. Whether on-page text, graphics or a video, our technical support will help you to develop this integral part of your On-Page SEO strategy.

…or something like this:

Quite simply, we relate to graphics and visuals finding them more convenient and in many cases, more entertaining. It’s easy for people to like, share and respond to graphic content… and this creates real opportunities! By putting our extended knowledge of Photoshop to good use, we can create effective visuals that can be used as powerful social media weapons when used to communicate the right message to the right people. With our efficient image sourcing skills we can truly inject the fun into social media… to us its second nature. When used strategically, creative graphics/images can make the world your social media oyster!

“A good infographic is worth a thousand words”. Adding interactive content to your website, infographics have proven to be one of the most effective strategies in an overall digital marketing campaign. Make no mistake infographics can generate content views, social shares and links on mass… they really are that effective! An infographic that packs some punch will be visually appealing and loaded with easy to digest facts, stats and general information relevant to the target audience. Using Photoshop to the best effect we design unique, imaginative and attention grabbing infographics that really give your message some clout! Graphic visual representations that are tasked with delivering information quickly and clearly, infographics should be supported by other engaging content throughout your website and social channels.